Kumiko Cabinets Combine Japanese Tradition with Scandinavian Expression

Kumiko screens are traditional Japanese wooden privacy screens and room dividers that can be simple or ornately geometric in design. Staffan Holm’s Kumiko Cabinets for Ariake Collection are inspired by their graphic qualities and craftsmanship, working together with Scandinavian expressions to create a fresh form. Semi see-through screens paired with a well-crafted cabinet body create a beautiful composition of shadow and light, essentially turning the piece into its very own large scale lamp of sorts! Choose from three sizes: the Kumiko Cabinet, the Kumiko Low Cabinet, or the Kumiko Tall Cabinet.


cabinet detail

cabinet detail

tall cabinet

low cabinet


Staffan Holm

Designer Staffan Holm

To learn more about the Kumiko Cabinet or to make a purchase, visit gestaltnewyork.com. For other furniture ideas, visit the Design Milk Shop!

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