Students express frustration as coronavirus clusters reported on NC State campus

— On Monday, North Carolina State University announced three new coronavirus clusters: one within the athletics program, one at Carroll Residence Hall on main campus and a third at Standard Apartment Complex, an off-campus apartment complex.

Almost every day since last Tuesday, the university has reported new clusters.

The university now has a total of 14 clusters – a growing number that has students and parents concerned and angry.

“It’s time to grow up and be an adult and actually contribute to society during this time,” said Malcolm Byron, an N.C. state senior.

Some students said they were fed up with the extracurricular activities they believe caused the coronavirus clusters of cases on and around the university.

UNC and N.C. State

“There is a certain element that it is partly the students’ fault, but I also think it’s the universities fault for allowing atmosphere like that to happen, not taking the proper precautions to hopefully avoid that before bringing people back on campus,” said Foster Johnson, an N.C. state senior.

In a Wolf Alert to students, officials said those who had visited Carroll Hall could make an appointment to be tested, but many students said backups at on-campus testing have caused major issues.

“So I think the university published some statements after they had these clusters recently, and it seems like they are blaming the students, saying that people are being not responsible and it doesn’t seem like the university is taking on any of the responsibility as well,” said Dr. Ann Davis, the parent of an N.C. state studnet.

Many blamed the university for not being prepared, but they also blamed students who they said aren’t taking this virus seriously.

“You know what it is, it’s just young people being irresponsible. There are people dying out there, and at least I understand that, but there’s a lot of young people that don’t get necessarily understand that,” said Byron.

University officials said the school is working closely with health officials to trace and isolate those exposed to the virus.

NC State, UNC start back up with guidelines in place amid pandemic

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