Lessons I Learned From The Movie

Apologizing with a pizza is never a bad idea.

Hi, world. HUGE Princess Diaries fan here. I’m here to tell you that not only is this film the masterpiece of my generation, but it’s legit FILLED with important life lessons that everyone should learn.

So here are all the takeaways from my favorite childhood movie:


Manners are important, y’all.


Trust me — ain’t nobody wanna watch you eat like a slob. To all the people out there who chew with their mouths open: I’m looking at you.


Even for old people, it’s NEVER too late to fall in love.


For whatever reason (*cough* misogyny *cough*), society has told us for forever that older women are undesirable. But older women deserve love, too, dammit! GET IT, Grandma!!


Getting a makeover doesn’t change who you are inside.


Does Mia look beautiful pre-makeover? Yup. Does she look stunning post-Paolo? Obvi. But even with the new ‘do, she’s still the same “synchronized swimming, yoga-doing, horseback-riding, wall-climbing type girl.” It’s fun to glam up (duh), but don’t forget that it’s what’s on the inside that counts.


It’s like, so hard to remember in the moment, but you are in charge of your self-worth.


In the words of the great Taylor Swift: “Haters gonna hate.” Everyone has haters, even real-life royalty like Anne Hathaway. You just gotta learn how to shake it off and keep doing you.


If your friends aren’t respecting your boundaries, it’s 100% okay to tell them to stay in their lane.


If you’re not paying my bills or sleeping in my bed, mind your business. K, thanks.


Working yourself to death ain’t cute.


IDK when we collectively decided that overworking ourselves was a good look. If the Queen of Genovia can take a day off to have some fun, you can, too. Make time for a bubble bath! Go on that vacation you’ve always dreamed about! Treat yo self ’cause no one else will.


Try ALL the food.


Your next favorite food is probably around the corner, crying that you haven’t been adventurous enough to find it yet.


Being nice goes a LONG way.


A little flattery never hurt nobody, either. Just sayin’.


Don’t blow off your ride-or-dies just because a hot guy strolls into your life.


Everybody has a friend who ditched her squad as soon as she caught a man. NOBODY likes this girl. Don’t be this girl. Be better.


Just because he’s cute doesn’t mean he’s the one.


Hotness does not equal niceness. It’s a hard lesson to learn, but learn it you must, my friends.


Sometimes, you just need a good freaking cry.


Mia’s mom is out here breaking toxic cycles in her family AND encouraging her daughter to cry when her heart hurts. Helen is definitely getting my vote for the mom of the year award. Be like Helen!


Apologize when you’re wrong.


If you do something stupid, own up to it and learn from it. And if you mess up big time, it’s ALWAYS a good idea to apologize with food.


You’ve gotta face your fears to overcome them.


Yes, it freaking sucks. Yes, you will grow into a better person because of it.


Forgive people when they apologize (if they deserve it).


Are you perfect? No. So don’t expect other people to be, either. If Michael Moscovitz can forgive Mia for blowing him off for a TOTAL douchebag, you can find it in…

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