Coronavirus Australia live update: Victoria records 59 deaths and 81 new Covid

Richmond – like all clubs – has a responsibility to the game, and the broader AFL community, to observe the Covid-19 protocols that the AFL has put in place. Clearly Callum and Sydney did not meet that responsibility this week, and we are incredibly disappointed.

The club can’t ignore the fact that off-field we have got some things wrong in recent months. We need to own that as a club and get better. We all accept that this has been a difficult year, but it is no excuse for some of the mistakes we have made.

These players made very poor decisions after consuming too much alcohol, choosing to leave the club’s hub in the early hours of Friday morning, and in doing so potentially putting themselves, their teammates and the AFL season at risk.

Their decision to attend a venue while outside the hub was also completely unacceptable, and in no way aligns with what we stand for as a club. They have let down themselves, teammates, our members and supporters, our partners and the entire AFL industry.

Yes, young people can make mistakes, but we expect better. There is absolutely no excuse for what took place. We do however recognise we need to support and educate them. They have learned a very hard lesson and we need to help them earn back the trust and respect of the club.

Both players are extremely remorseful and apologise for their actions. That apology extends to the Queensland government and police who have far more significant matters to attend to in these difficult times.

We are a strong, successful club and we will work hard to deliver a club that meets community expectations and makes our members and supporters proud.

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