TikToker Charly Jordan apologizes for traveling to Rwanda amid pandemic

Popular TikTok star and influencer Charly Jordan is apologizing for flouting pandemic travel restrictions with a recent trip to Rwanda.

Jordan, 21, told her 3.3 Million Instagram followers that she landed in Rwanda “definitely corona-free” last week.

“Crazy where the world is right now,” she added, according to Vulture. She posted some silverback gorilla content to the ‘gram and made some TikToks of her dancing in front of a safari Jeep and reciting poetry.

Rwanda is one of only 30 countries “open with restrictions,” to US citizens. Those restrictions became apparent to Jordan when, in short order, she “tested positive and literally the f–king government showed up at my place, and came and dragged me away from everybody I was with, and I don’t speak the language, and they locked me in this f–king room. And I can’t leave.”

Four days later, she got a set of second test results, which came back negative, and, as Jordan explained, “[It] means their first test was wrong. They were wrong this whole time. I can leave!”

Monday, Jordan posted an apology to Instagram, saying, “I would like to make an apology for traveling during this time, because I know that it’s a very incorrect time to travel, and I’m completely in the wrong for doing that, and I have learned my lesson one hundred percent. Trust me. I’ve been sitting here in this room, locked in this room for the past four days thinking about it, and I will not be traveling anymore during this time.”

“Influencer houses” have become lightning rods for controversy during the pandemic, since many of them live in hotspot LA in group-home situations and have continued to throw parties throughout the lockdown. Jordan’s home base, dubbed the “clubhouse,” was in the news in May for a private party thrown by fashion brand Boohoo.

Jordan herself has been covered here for being bitten by a pig and getting bonked on the head by a shower fixture.

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