APOD: 2020 September 10 – Jupiter s Swimming Storm

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2020 September 10

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A bright storm head with a long turbulent wake swims across Jupiter
in these sharp telescopic images of the
Solar System’s ruling gas giant.

Captured on August 26, 28, and September 1 (left to right)
the storm approximately doubles in length during that period.

Stretching along the jetstream of the planet’s
North Temperate Belt
it travels eastward in successive frames, passing
the Great Red Spot and whitish Oval BA, famous
storms in Jupiter’s southern hemisphere.

Galilean moons Callisto and Io are caught in the middle frame.

In fact, telescopic skygazers
following Jupiter in
planet Earth’s night have reported dramatic
fast moving storm outbreaks
over the past few weeks in
Jupiter’s North Temperate Belt.

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