NYC Democrat runs campaign ad calling de Blasio ‘worst mayor’ in history of the

A New York congressman has a very simple message for his constituents as he lobbies for reelection: New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is the worst.

Rep. Max Rose, a Democrat who represents Staten Island and parts of south Brooklyn, released a campaign ad that makes his feelings towards the mayor crystal clear.

“Bill de Blasio is the worst mayor in the history of New York City. That’s the whole ad,” Rose said in the six second long video.


Rose, whose 11th congressional district is arguably the most conservative in New York City, has been a frequent critic of de Blasio – especially over his handling of the coronavirus pandemic and the economic woes that have followed.

Speaking to Fox News earlier this month, Rose accused de Blasio of “actively trying to kill” off New York City restaurants with his coronavirus response. He took aim at the “idiotic” policy to continue to ban indoor dining at Big Apple restaurants while surrounding suburban regions have opened up in some capacity.

“They are on life support,” Rose said Tuesday of New York City restaurants in an interview with Fox News. “Come the fall when the temperature starts to go down, if this is not fixed, you will see the majority of our restaurants go out of business.”

It was announced on Wednesday that indoor dining will resume on Sept. 30 in New York City with strict limits on capacity and other regulations.

Rose, a first term congressman, has not also not spent his short time in Congress playing nice with his fellow.


Earlier this year, Rose bashed Democrats for opposing all of President Trump’s foreign policy moves.

“I am perpetually concerned that the Democrats’ foreign policy is just being opposed to whatever the president does,” the freshman lawmaker told “America’s Newsroom” in March shortly after the U.S. signed a peace treaty with the Taliban.

“It was the right decision for us to invade Afghanistan. It was the right decision for us to take it to the Taliban, take it to al Qaeda, exact revenge for those who did us so much harm on 9/11 and prevent something like that from happening again,” Rose, who was wounded by an improvised explosive device while serving in the Army in Afghanistan, said.

“We should all be rallying behind this, making it a bipartisan solution and putting the country first,’ Rose said.

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