Mark Ruffalo comforts Chris Evans following dick pic debacle

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Our pandemic year got a little lively over the weekend, when Chris Evans (Captain America, looks good in sweaters) accidentally shared a video featuring a dick pic. According to Page Six, Evans was participating in a virtual game of “Heads Up” when he shared a video that included his camera roll. On said camera roll were two particularly eye-opening photos: One, a meme of Captain America captioned “Guard. That. Pussy.” The other, a photo of a dick cloaked in shadows, the way all dicks should be. Evans has yet to comment on the whoopsie-doodle, and to be honest, he probably never will—although an attempt to normalize sexual activities while calling out the misogynist double-standard of leaked/accidentally shared nudes would be nice; just saying.

In the meantime, one brave Avenger has unnecessarily taken it upon himself to address this thing that barely qualifies as a scandal, and you already know that man is Mark Ruffalo. The erstwhile Hulk took to Twitter to publicly comfort Evans, assuring his “Bro” that there’s nothing Evans could ever do that would be worse than having Donald Trump as our president. Arguable, but fair:

Leave it to a female member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to come correct on this topic:

As Dennings rightfully points out, the overall attitude toward Evans’ accidental dick pic reveal is completely different from the way people react when a famous woman’s nudes surface online (whether by accident or via assault by hacker). Maybe Evans can summon some of that Big Ally Energy to address this when he’s done cringing about accidentally sharing a dick pic (which might not even be his, according to some theorists).

Update (9/14/20): Evans has now spoken out maaaaaaybe verifying the pic is really of him. But also maybe just using the opportunity to remind everyone to vote.

We would remind everyone you should try to vote before Nov. 3 if available in your state.

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