Emmys 2020 Awkward Moments

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For starters, this was the setup:


Jason Bateman was incorrectly announced as a winner for Guest Actor in a Drama, when Ron Cephas Jones actually won:



Celebs had to pre-record their acceptance speeches — which is awkward. Here’s what Amy Schumer’s would have been, had she won:


This year, there were only three nominees for Outstanding Children’s Program, but TWO winners (The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance and We Are the Dream: The Kids of the Oakland MLK Oratorical Fest), so there was one awkward loser (Star Wars Resistance):


Cheer won an Emmy, which was awkward timing, considering the controversy surrounding its star, Jerry Harris:


The presenters this year wore Hazmat suit tuxedos:


Jimmy Kimmel gave his monologue, but they panned to old audience footage:


And he called Quibi “the dumbest thing to cost a billion dollars,” LOL.


Jason Bateman said, “I’m clean, I’m a big hand washer,” and then touched! his! face! and! his! lips!


Jennifer Aniston and Jimmy Kimmel legit started a fire on stage after attempting to “burn the germs” off the official envelope:

To read the story behind how the fire started, click here.


Jimmy made a joke about reporting John Oliver to ICE, which didn’t go over well with people on Twitter:


The skit about COVID testing was not received well — as it portrays it as uncomfortable and could deter people from getting testing. Meanwhile, for most, the test is actually quick and painless:


Ramy Youssef shared the awkwardness of what it’s like to lose an Emmy in 2020:


And lastly, the Emmys spoiled who Dr. Manhattan was in the show Watchmen.

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